• Size: 1.96-6.10m

Trimaco HD E-Z Up Containment Poles 2pk 1.96-6.10m

Introducing Trimaco’s Heavy Duty E-Z Up Dust Containment 1.96-6.10m Poles: Create a dust-free work area with ease using this durable aluminium pole with plastic sheeting.

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$297.41 Incl. GST

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The Heavy Duty E-Z Up Dust Containment Pole by Trimaco is designed to create a dust barrier on the jobsite when used with plastic sheeting. The aluminium pole can be extended from 1.63 meters to 3.66 meters. Simply attach the plastic to the quick clip and adjust the pole to match the height of the ceiling. The unique foot pedal ensures a secure fit. Please note that the plastic sheeting is sold separately. Each pack contains 2 poles.

These poles help establish a confined work area that is free from dust and debris. They are constructed with heavy-duty aluminium for durability. Attaching the plastic sheeting to the quick clip and adjusting the pole to the ceiling height is a simple process. A unique foot pedal is used to ensure a snug fit. When not in use, the foot pedal can be raised to align with the pole, keeping it out of the way. No loose parts are involved in the setup.




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