• 29kg;
  • 530mm x 305mm x 445mm

Typical Uses:

  • Void Space Dehumidification
  • Water Damage Restoration
  • Corrosion Control
  • Structural Drying
  • Dimensions: 530mm x 305mm x 445mm
  • Weight: 29kg
  • Amp-draw: 3.2 Amps
  • Max-water-removal: 64L per Day
  • Operating-range: 21-32° C
  • Power Supply: 230V / 50hz

Small Dehumidifier Hire

  • 29kg;
  • 530mm x 305mm x 445mm

These units are incredibly powerful dehumidifiers for their small stature, with a high cost-to-benefit ratio. Suitable for commercial or residential applications.

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Day based pricing : Compact Dehumidifier 63L
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Small dehumidifier hire / Dehumidifier for bedroom

Agile Equipment offers hiring Small compact dehumidifiers that are perfect for residential and commercial uses. Our small dehumidifiers can cover up to 40-60 cubic meters of area  such as a living room or 1-2 bedrooms. When you hire a mini dehumidifier you guaranteed a unit that can remove up to 45L per day, similar or better. These units weigh between 24-30kg and are roughly 50cm x 30cm x 45cm big. They come with handles for ease of carry, a power cord and a hose for expelling water. Our small dehumidifiers also offers adjustable humidistat control to limit the range that the dehumidifier dries to–we recommend 40% as a safe conservative humidity that is safe for fixtures that may be prone to warping such as doors. Generally, these units can stack with their own models, up to 4 units high and can conveniently fit in the boot of your SUV or even a small car.


  • Mini dehumidifier up to 45L per day (similar or better)
  • 24kg-30kg
  • Covers 1-2 bedrooms or a living space
  • Adjustable humidistat control
  • Handles for easy carrying
  • Fits in the boot of your car
  • For effective drying of spaces 40-60 cubic meters.
  • Dri-Eaz LGR BD2500 or IAQ Pro Midas Mini or similar.
  • Note: Specifications given below the picture are related to the BD2500

Dehumidifier for mould

These dehumidifiers are perfect for fitting into tight spaces, where mould has a nasty habit of forming. These units are effective in mitigating mould growth by removing moisture from the air and expelling it down a hose to a drain or sink. Mould requires 3 elements to grow: food, water and oxygen. Since mould can metabolise anything organic, and oxygen is everywhere the biggest factor we can control / limit is moisture. Our small dehumidifier can help remove moisture in the environment effectively removing the mould’s ability to grow. We recommend before any drying to fully remove the source of excess moisture, whether it is a leaking pipe / fridge / washing machine or a hole in the roof’s tiles etc.

Tips and Tricks

One factor to consider with these unit weighs roughly 24-30kg, please ensure you have the ability to carry this weight. We recommend to use between 2 to 4 fans along with the dehumidifier. This is to help circulate the air in rooms, ensuring the most effective and speedy remediation. With a power draw of less than 4 amps, this category of dehumidifier is perfect for use in residential floods and commercial establishments.

Typical Uses

  • Void Space Dehumidification –
    e.g. ceiling spaces, cupboards, limited access areas. Due to its compact size, these dehumidifiers work well in spaces where access is limited.
  • Water Damage Restoration –
    Although small in size, our compact dehumidifiers are designed to be just as efficient as bigger models, and can be reliably used as a dehumidifier for water damage.
  • Corrosion Control –
    These units will work well with smaller metal objects that require blasting or coating. These dehumidifiers can control the humidity in the environment to enable these works.
  • Structural Drying –
    As it is classed as a Low Grain Refrigerant, these units can achieve a lower humidity level then non-LGR models. This makes it effective at drying building and structural materials that have deeply bound water in them.

Dehumidifier Rental Long Term Deals

We do not charge freight days. Hire 7 days and only be charged 4 days rental! Delivery, install and collection services are available at additional cost for those local in Brisbane or Sydney. Pick up only in Melbourne. Our terms and conditions for hire can be found here.




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